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Product Development

Creating products is not difficult. Creating innovative products that your customers love, share and purchase repeatedly is. From choosing the right formulation to designing appealing packaging, Athena Beauty Labs can help your company build a product suite that keeps customers coming back for more.

Marketing & Campaign Management

We have the team, the systems and the experience to help e-tailers plan, launch and manage performance marketing campaigns. We can help you choose the right systems, partners and platforms to ensure your campaign’s success.

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is paramount when it comes to running profitable performance marketing campaigns. Our team can help you effectively monitor product quality, ship times and customer support to ensure that your customers are happy with their decision to purchase your product.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Do you have the systems and the expertise to manage your inventory effectively once your campaign has launched? Our years of experience in the space can help you efficiently manage your inventory and logistics, so you don’t get caught short when you decide to scale your campaign.

Why Athena

Athena Beauty Labs brings years of experience to the online direct marketing space, helping companies plan, establish and operate more profitable direct marketing campaigns.

Let our experts help you plan your next campaign.

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